Busy realtor needs help

It can be hard to differentiate yourself as a realtor. Some potential clients don't understand how complex real estate transactions can be, and what value you provide. Some think all realtors are the same - it's all about the home, not the help. Many buyers and sellers are intimidated by the entire process - words like "escrow" and "inspections" make them want to extend their rental lease through the zombie apocalypse.

However, buying a home is still a big part of the American dream, and your services are the kind that many people need, even if they don't yet appreciate it! Strategic professional branding, developing and marketing your Unique Selling Proposition, and communicating with your target clients - not just selling to them, but informing them and providing value for its own sake - can go a long way to helping them like you, understand you, and trust you to work with them.

We offer all the below services - either as packages or a la carte. Please give us a call to discuss your goals, and we can put together a custom program for you.

Professional Branding

Naming, logo design, positioning, strategy, creative asset development

Video and Photography

Production and implementation of informational video series, YouTube preroll advertising, videos and photography to imbed on webpages, social media, etc., headshots, home photography - interior, exterior, drone, 3D walk-through, neighborhood videos, custom content for all purposes

Online Advertising

Email marketing, search advertising, contextual advertising, advertising for business and specific listings or events, video advertising, Facebook advertising, sponsoring online content, display advertising

Website and Social Media Development

Unique URL, website design, social media accounts, content production and management, online advertising, influencer marketing, developing partnerships

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