Open House Assistance

 is this the worst part of your weekend?

If you have better ways to spend your time than sweating over your signs, parking and posting, parking and posting...battling traffic and the weather, to arrive at your Open House hot, cranky and tired... STOP DOING IT.


If you ever wish you could just snap your fingers and have it done,
so you can spend that time doing what's really important to you... we offer the next best thing. Ask yourself what your time and convenience is worth...then call us! (It's not a finger snap, but dialing your phone is still pretty easy.) 

With as little as 24 hours notice - and at an affordable cost - we'll have your Open House signs picked up from where you keep them, placed exactly where you want them, and picked up when time's up. 


We can also print and add the house address to your signs (so potential buyers don't get lost looking for it), open up the house, turn on the lights, set up your cards, a sign-in sheet...even a full catering spread. You get to show up 5 minutes before the Open House starts, and leave 5 minutes after, with a key and a smile. 

Our job is to make yours easier - let us know how we can.