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Learn stuff rich people know

that normal people don't....

Check Yourself:  Do you believe these things about money and wealth?
  • You need lots of money to make lots of money.
  • My parents never had much money, so neither will I.

  • The rich have a lot more advantages than I do.

  • I need a degree in finance to understand money.

  • I'm too busy earning money to manage my money!

  • I'll never get ahead... 

  • The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

  • The rich don't pay their fair share!

  • There are loopholes designed for rich people.

  • Rich people hire people to make them richer.

  • Rich people don't play by the rules.

  • The rich are different from you and me.

  • Rich people got lucky being born into the right families.

  • Rich people are members of a secret society that keeps wealth out of other people's hands.

  • Money is the root of all evil!

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Conservation Easements -

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Pamela Jacobs and Michael Hansen, Frontier Wealth Strategies

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A Tax-Saving Strategy...

Plan NOW to use it in 2019! 


Well, these are MYTHS, and believing them

will hold you back even more than if they were true.

You, too, can be more wealthy, financially secure, and "lucky"
than you thought possible, if you're open to learning from the experts and taking wise action when you have the chance.


You can choose your own adventure!

Isn't it time to EMBRACE your opportunities?


One belief about money that IS true?

"Rich people don't work for their money - their money works for them."

TRUE. And this is GOOD NEWS, because it can also be true for YOU.

Come meet expert guest speakers at our "Tricks of the Rich" seminars,

and learn the financial and lifestyle "hacks" that can change your life

and create a legacy of wealth for your family.

(AND have lots of fun, and share ideas and support with a great group of people!)

Start understanding and managing your money like the wealthy do...

and you can buy the silver spoons you may not have been born with.