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Learn things rich people know

that normal people don't....

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not financial advisors. This content is not presented as "advice" or "recommendations."
Our mission is to empower people by providing info and ideas that can help them take control of their financial lives.

New tax laws have drastically reduced key write-offs for Californians. Many homeowners pay MUCH more interest on their home loans and property taxes than they can now deduct!

A lot of people will be receiving big tax bills for 2018, and most don't even know it.

If you're in this situation, here's some GOOD NEWS. There is a way to get an extremely advantageous write-off to make up the difference. You can MAKE money on this investment - which can be tailored to fit your needs and completed before Dec. 31 - and avoid a tax bill in April.


This eco-friendly, well-established but

under-appreciated strategy is to invest in:

Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements

It's not too late to

reduce your 2020 tax bill.

You may qualify for this investment IF:
You earned either $200K (single) or
$300K (for a couple) in the tax year


You have $1M in investable assets
(not including your primary residence).

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(Note: There are a limited number of investments still open
for 2020. 
Availability is not guaranteed.)

  "Show Me the Numbers!" 


This powerful financial strategy is based on donating land to a charity to preserve it, and getting a significant tax deduction. It's a favorite "trick" of rich real estate developers, but it's also available to "regular" high earners as a turnkey investment...and you don't have
to own any land to get the benefit.


Experienced advisors work with reputable, well-vetted investment firms to handle all the details, with a custom plan "sized" and suited to your needs. 

Get a FREE personal consultation from a qualified advisor.

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Special Guests Pam and Michael of Frontier Wealth Strategies spoke about

Conservation Easements during our live seminar in Walnut Creek, CA in October.

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Learn about Conservation Easements, an "eco-friendly" tax-saving trick used often by rich Congressmen and billionaire developers (including Trump!)...but virtually unknown to "regular" high-earners that are also eligible. Our guests from Frontier Wealth Strategies can help YOU take advantage!
Oct 18, 2018, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Wynott Partners, LLC,
2121 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Suite E-106, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, USA




We - Denise and Jen of Wynott Partners, LLC -  believe that widespread financial literacy is key to balancing the economic inequalities within our society. 


People born into privilege have information and access to resources - whether through their schools or their families and friends - that others don't.


Far too many people feel "left out" of the economic game, because they don't know the rules! Even if they earn a good income, they don't know how to use their money for greater freedom and empowerment...which requires wise management, investing, and tax strategies.


Most people will always work for money, and feel controlled and limited by money, rather than have money work for them! We created "Tricks of the Rich" to help level that playing field, one small step at a time.

Come meet expert guest speakers at our seminars in Walnut Creek, CA, and learn the financial and lifestyle "hacks" that can change your life and create a legacy of wealth for your family.

(AND have lots of fun, and share ideas and support with a great group of people!)

Start understanding and managing your money like the wealthy do...and you can buy the silver spoons you may not have been born with.

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