Wynott Partners, LLC is the platonic working marriage of Denise Pham and Jennifer Mathias. Denise is a successful, knowledgeable real estate agent, trainer, and business operations wiz. Jen is a born marketer, with broad experience in the consumer goods, beauty, and high-tech industries. (She likes marketing so much, she willingly falls in love with terrible products, if their marketing is on point.)


Denise helped Jen buy her house - guiding her through a stressful time at best, a wailing disaster at worst. They worked together so well, spent so much time discussing their entrepreneurial hopes and dreams, and found themselves SO "on the same page" as far as values both personal and professional, they decided to get hitched. (They even discovered that they both ran thriving candy resale businesses out of their backpacks in middle school - the hustle is real!)


Denise is generally organized and incredibly sensible. Jen is creative and meets WedMD's diagnostic criteria for ADHD. They complete each other – they are yin and yang, alpha and omega, Spongebob and Patrick. (I call Spongebob! –Jen) They share an unusually fierce code of ethics and a passionate dislike of working for "The Man."


We (yes, Denise and Jen are writing this - did using the third-person really fool anyone?) also believe that every person is uniquely qualified to succeed at whatever they feel passionate about. That's what passion is for - to lead you to your best work! But it's not often that people are both great at their work AND great at the complex, demanding discipline of marketing themselves or their businesses to find new clients for that work. Our sincere passion is helping people create successful careers around their passions. We don't just want to be a vendor - we want to be a partner, enabling and encouraging you to become better and more successful.  

These core values have shaped us into the friendly, talented, motivated workaholics we are today. Call us - we would love to hear how we can help you!


Marketing Specialist

I heard the siren call of the sales and marketing disciplines when I was 11, selling contraband chewing gum at Johnnycake Middle School at a 80% margin. I've been successful in sales, built brands from scratch, and marketed everything from software to skincare, via infomercials, TV shopping, radio, print ads, social media, content and event marketing, and every online method. Brands I've worked with include Guthy-Renker, Proactiv Solution, GoSmile, Kate Somerville Skincare, Biossance, AT&T, GEICO, and many others. I've written sales materials, training materials, and ad copy. I've scripted and directed sales videos and brand videos, trained on-air personalities, and I myself have gone live on HSN to sell skincare products to millions of viewers.

During my years scouting and developing beauty brands at Guthy-Renker, I learned the importance of creating and owning a brand, then building a connection between consumers and the brand by telling compelling stories around a relatable personality or a core premise that stimulates an emotional response. Because all purchasing choices are driven by emotion, or liking, on some level. I've used this strategy to develop and build many brands, and I'd like to build that kind of interest and business around YOU.

I can't wait to meet and talk to you, ask questions, and dig in to find the most compelling aspects of you and the services you provide. Together, we will co-create the unique professional persona and "story" that will make you stand out, use consistent and creative media channels to get the message to the right people, and take your career to new heights! 

Real Estate Specialist

Denise Pham is an alumni of UC Davis (undergraduate) and Cal State Hayward (graduate) with degrees in Political Science and Public Administration. 

She left her corporate experience in technology and education to pursue real estate after going through her first home purchase, where she felt as a buyer, she did not get the adequate level of care she was expecting from her agent. Denise did not just became an agent, she became an expert other agents sought after for training and guidance.  Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area as a child, she is an expert and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate here. It's not the same everywhere, so you need someone you can trust for honest up-to-date information. (Her clients love that she tells them the real deal and does not sugarcoat anything to close a deal because for her, the lasting relationship is more important than a sale.) She is eager to serve you. She utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, she listens and that means we find solutions that are tailored to you.

We love to meet people who are as passionate about building businesses - whether for other people or themselves - as we are!

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